Superhero Team-Ups

A popular Justice League meme states, "You can't save the world alone." It's true, you can accomplish much more when you're part of an exceptional team. Think of some of the greatest superhero team-ups of our time and what they were able to achieve. Extraordinary people are usually called together when it appears all hope is lost and a catastrophic situation must be subdued. Examples of great Superhero teams include the Justice League, the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. When the fate of the world or even the Galaxy is at stake, it takes a team to save it. Teams are made up of a wide variety of personalities and they may even clash at times, but honestly, what families

The Superhero Success Journal

Superheroes acknowledge their victories, learn from their mistakes, and acquire knowledge. They're also efficient and focused with their time. I guess you have to be when you live a double life. Ha ha, just kidding...maybe. However, we want to use our time wisely so we can build meaningful relationships, participate in our favorite hobbies, and go on spontaneous adventures. This is where the Superhero Success Journal can help. The journal is divided into four sections. The first section is a reminder to read a minimum of 30 minutes a day. I recommend choosing reading material that is either related to your career, business, or personal development. However, it's also good to read for enterta

The Superhero Mindset

"Jason never fully understood about what even the most powerful of adversaries feared in Batman. It was never his strength. Or his stealth. Or even his ominous nature. It is always....his resolve." -Batman, Franchise Part Two: The Away Team Superheroes usually come out on top in even the most dire of situations, but on occasion they fail. However, even if they fail, they learn from the situation and try again until they are successful. They exhibit grit, which is defined as courage and resolve; strength of character, according to Google. According to research by Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth, students who exhibited grit were the most successful. They didn't give up! It all came down to t

The Superhero Pose

Do you know how to play the part of the Superhero? You may have the uniform, but it's your body language that speaks volumes. The way you sit and stand can either project confidence or low self esteem. What do you transmit? Think of a person that lacks self esteem and confidence. What characteristics come to mind? Is it poor posture? Do they appear smaller than they are? Do they avoid eye contact? Maybe they speak in a quiet, unsure voice? All of the above would be correct. This kind of body language and communication keeps people closed off from the world. I know, because I have been there, and I have seen it in others. Now let's compare the example above with your favorite superheroes and

Strength in Stillness

A superhero needs to reside in the present moment. After all, the present moment, is where all of our lives take place. It's where we meet challenges, overcome obstacles, build relationships, and achieve victories. Meditation can help us focus, cope with stress, improve our health, and spark creativity. It's easy to get trapped in our thoughts, becoming confined in the past or preoccupied with the future. The world can be a chaotic place. Now more than ever, information is accessible at the touch of a finger or the sound of a voice. We are constantly being bombarded with information and other time wasting forms of entertainment. Almost every electronic device, no matter what the size, has a

Special Powers and Abilities

Let's face it, if we're going to be superheros, we need to have some special powers and abilities. And no, this doesn't require us to be from a different planet or a victim of a radioactive accident. Special powers and abilities come in many different forms. Some superheroes are born with special abilities, but often they are unaware of their potential as a child, or may not acquire them until later in life. Our goal should be to identify our own unique abilities, learn to use them, and enhance them. Superpowers aren't just physical, but they can be mental too. So it's important that we train both the mind and the body. A few strategies for mental training include meditation, reading, journa

Your Mission

Superheroes generally have a purpose, or if I am speaking in superhero terms, a mission. My mission is to help my clients reach their superhero potential through strengthening their mind, body, and spirit. Our life's mission often becomes clear through our past experiences, from our origin story. It's probably going to take some introspection. Growing up, I was very interested in sports and physical activity. As I got older, my passion grew for exercise, movement, and health. When I was fresh out of college, I was punching the clock at a counseling agency, working in both billing and payroll. I came to the realization that something was missing from my life. Something inside me was telling m

Origin Story

Every superhero has an origin story. Oftentimes, a superhero emerges from humble and/or less than ideal beginnings. Life events, both good and bad shape the way we are today. It's good to acknowledge where we came from, the lessons we've learned, and the victories along the way. Take a moment to realize how far you have come and recognize those who have helped you over time. Past experiences have brought you to this point in your life and you can decide which direction to go from here. Challenges have made us strong. Failures have taught us lessons. Great accomplishments reveal our special abilities and powers. The key is not to dwell in the past. Learn from it, but don't get trapped there.

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