Even Superheroes Warm Up

Even Superheroes should warm up before a workout. A good warm-up can provide some of the following benefits: Helps increase blood flow to muscles and other tissues Wakes up the nervous system Increases range of motion Prepares the cardiovascular system for exercise Enhances coordination, body awareness, balance, and reaction time I'm a big fan of Rock and Roll. If you've followed any of my posts from the past, you'll know I'm a big believer in getting on the ground to rock and roll as part of a complete warm-up. I've gathered a lot of inspiration from the work of Original Strength, DNS, and the ancient practice of Yoga. In simple terms, we are going back to our roots, moving as we did when w

Uncanny Strength Training

Superheroes need to have physical strength! It doesn't mean we have to turn green and lift a house, but we should have at the very minimum, a modest level of strength that allows us to do all the things we want to do. Strength becomes even more important as we age. A study has shown that a person's life span is reduced if they have trouble getting up and down from the ground. Ultimately, the research proves that a lack of strength and flexibility has detrimental affects to our lives. In an online article titled, "Maximizing Functional Abilities in the Older Adult" by Jeff Janot, Ph.D. and Len Kravitz, Ph.D. a shocking study was cited which revealed that 28% of men and 66% of women above the

SuperNatural Movement

As physical training goes, I believe that nothing so closely aligns with superhero training as natural movement does. Natural movement includes balancing, lifting/carrying, throwing/catching, climbing, crawling, jumping, running, swimming, and martial arts (striking and wrestling). Basically all the things we did when we played as children. In 2012, I became certified as a level 2 MovNat trainer. It was during this seminar that I fell in love with natural movement. After the first day of the certification course, I remember thinking to myself, "we're training to be superheroes!" It was interesting and so much more energizing in comparison to ordinary gym workouts. Let's take a look back at

Superhero Agility

Agility may be one of the most important physical training aspects of the Uncanny Online Superhero Training Program. If you're going to be a Superhero, you have to be agile. Even more importantly, if you want to age gracefully, avoid falls, improve cognitive performance, and move well throughout your life, you should train it even more. I believe it's so important that literally everyone I coach in the gym these days has some form of agility training as part of their program. Agility can be defined as the ability to move in multiple directions, accelerate, decelerate, change directions, react, balance, and utilize different footwork patterns. According to the American Council on Exercise (AC

A Helping Hand

Uncanny Online Superhero Training was built on a notion of helping people, and helping others is a key component to the Superhero life. There are some great health advantages to donating our time to help others. Studies have shown that the benefits are both physical and mental. A survey by UnitedHealth Group provided us with many insights into the power of volunteering. According to the survey, taking the time to volunteer can provide some of the following health rewards: Improved mood and self esteem. Lowered stress levels and reduced incidence of depression. Generated a greater sense of purpose, life satisfaction, and a feeling of being connected to others. Helped people manage their own h

Super Sleep

Sleep experts claim that to function optimally, we need to spend one third of our lives sleeping, which equates to about 24 years of total sleep over the average lifetime. Since we aspire to live the Superhero lifestyle, sleep is an necessary component. There is a good chance you may be lacking sleep if you've chosen to be a night time vigilante (just joking) and even if you're not out fighting crime, it's often tempting to stay up late on the computer, watching TV, or reading. I recommend keeping your superhero activities confined to the normal hours of the day if possible. A sleep cycle generally lasts from 90 to 110 minutes, and the average person experiences 4 to 5 sleep cycles during th

The Uncanny Fist

Uncanny Online Superhero Training is a multi-layered training program. When I decided to enter the realm of online fitness training, I could have just stuck to Strength and Conditioning, but I wanted to give people something more. I could have used buzzwords like toned and long, lean muscles, but I wanted to be more than just buzz. I wanted to be different then the 99% of online trainers out there, I wanted to give you useful strategies to live the best life possible, and utilize those techniques for myself along the way. It is about trying to achieve the superhero ideal, and we all know the world could use a few more superheroes right about now. That's how Uncanny Strength and Conditioning

Everyone can be a Superhero

Everyone has the potential to be a superhero, but superhero training is not for everyone. Superhero training is about improving every facet of our life. It doesn't matter where we are starting from. Everyone of us can build a powerful mind, a strong body, have more endurance, and learn to defend ourselves. When tough situations present themselves, are we going to need to be rescued, or are we going to be the rescuer? I believe it's hard for many people to picture themselves as a superhero, but before we can achieve something, we must believe it. It's a mental thing. Maybe people think it's immature and foolish to even want to be a Superhero, but using our imagination can help keep us young a

Make the Time

A Superhero must be resolute with their time. To reach your full potential and unleash your inner superhero, you should be too. Superheroes must organize their time and their lives, to be able to pursue the things that they are passionate about and that are important to them. Being organized can help save time and reduce stress. Here are a few ways you can get organized and stay that way. Eliminate Procrastination. Deal with everything sooner than later. This refers to projects, emails, phone messages, and mail. You will probably find that you can deal with a majority of things quickly, thus taking them off the table, and saving time for the big things. If something is more time consuming or

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