Habit-Based Nutrition

Finally, we need to talk about nutrition. It might be the most important topic of them all. You can do all the training in the world, but if you have poor nutrition, you'll probably be disappointed with your results. Nutrition can be a touchy subject. There are a lot of people with strong opinions and convictions. Check the nutrition section of your favorite bookseller and you'll find a book on just about every diet imaginable, and there is probably somebody who got miracle results from it. It can be frustrating to wade through all the conflicting information. I'm not a Registered Dietitian or a Nutritionist, so I can only give suggestions. However, I recently became certified as a Precision

Uncanny Martial Arts

Every superhero should have, at minimum, a basic knowledge of self defense. I’ll admit, I may be a bit biased when it comes to Martial Arts, because I’ve trained in them since I was a teenager. It is my belief that they are beneficial for absolutely everyone. There is a lot to be gained from including martial arts in your workout program. Some of the benefits include the following: improved confidence increased self-esteem better hand-eye coordination greater brain function stronger self-discipline UCLA has a whole program dedicated to the martial arts and its philosophy. Their research appears to support the before mentioned benefits. The activity must require hand-eye coordination with rh

Uncanny Conditioning

A superhero must have the ability to endure and keep going when others will quit. Endurance training has many great benefits. In Joel Jamieson's Ultimate Guide to Conditioning for Normal People, he lists the following rewards that can be gained from conditioning on a consistent basis. Helps reduce inflammation Extends life span Reduces body fat Minimizes the risk of disease Enhances memory Conditioning doesn't have to be confusing. Complicated training zones and sophisticated lab tests to measure VO2 max are not necessary. Let's keep things simple to build a powerful superhuman engine and improve our health. The first step is to get baseline measurements for our cardiovascular fitness level.

Online Trainer Academy Review

As many of you know, I recently became a Certified Online Trainer through the Online Trainer Academy. I've been a certified personal trainer for 13 years. I've worked in several commercial gyms and have run my own fitness studio for the last 4 years. I've worked with hundreds of amazing clients and witnessed many super transformations, but the long hours in the gym can take their toll. A 10 to 12 hour day full of training sessions can really wear me down and damper my enthusiasm. I also deal with the stress of having erratic paychecks. Sometimes clients take time off for vacations or for other personal reasons, and I might not get paid for a long time. I knew I needed to make some changes t

Superhero Sets, Reps, and Tempo

So let's start with the assumption that we just finished the complete superhero warm-up to get the blood flowing and wake up the nervous system. Now it's time to hit the weights! The structure of a strength training workout is dependent upon our goals, assessment results, and the special powers/abilities that we choose to enhance. Speedsters will want to focus on power exercises. Power is produced by either moving an object or our own body at great speed. Exercise examples include medicine ball throws and plyometric jumps. Superheroes that rely on colossal strength will want to focus on lifting heavy weights. The weights will be high and the reps will be low. Powerlifting exercises such as s

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