The Uncanny Superhero Theme Song

Most Superheroes have a theme song. Some are epic and emotional while others are light and fun. It doesn't matter what style of music it is, when we hear it, we relate it to the hero, and usually something amazing is going to happen. Do you have a theme song? It doesn't have to be an instrumental piece from a superhero soundtrack. It could be one of your favorite songs, from the past or present. The only requirement is that it puts you in the mood to do something epic. If you have a major workout or an important work project to get done, put on your theme song, set your intention, and crush it. Your theme song may change over time and that's normal. You may get tired of a song and it won't i

The Superhero Application Process

I've received several questions about the Uncanny Online Superhero Application process, so I decided to type this blog post that will guide you through it, step by step. Step 1: Fill out the online application. You'll receive two free gifts for your effort. The "Be your own Superhero" checklist and the Superhero Success Journal template. I'll review your application, and if I think we'll make a great team, we can keep the application process rolling. Step 2: You'll receive an e-mail to verify that I received your application and we will need to schedule a consultation. The consultation can be done by phone, Skype, e-mail, or a messenger service (ex. facebook messenger), whichever you prefer.

Uncanny Superhero Training FAQ

If you've followed my blog posts over the last several months, you should have a better understanding of what Uncanny Superhero Training is all about. I took my time in addressing each detail of the Uncanny Superhero Training System. I recommend reading some of the previous posts if you haven't done so and are interested in fully understanding the program. Now that I've given you all the basics of the system, you should be able to get started right away on your path to being the ultimate superhero. If you want custom superhero coaching and accountability, I recommend applying for online training. I want to use this post to address some of the frequently asked questions. Why is it called sup

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