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“Everybody in this room is about that superhero life.” – James Rhodes/War Machine


My name is Michael Sotos and I have 17 years of experience in the fitness industry. I am the owner of Rogue Valley Fitness Training & Martial Arts, which is based out of Ashland, Oregon.


I currently train clients at a small functional fitness studio located in the Hersey Street Business Park. I also offer online fitness coaching which allows me to help you, no matter where you live in the world. I have a passion for helping clients develop their superhero identity through fitness and martial arts. If you are looking for a fitness coach and martial arts instructor to help you reach your superhuman potential through a comprehensive workout program, please take me under consideration.  


I train in several martial arts, which include Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima-Kali-Arnis). I have been involved in martial arts since high school and have trained intensively over the last 6 years. I currently teach an Eskrima class once a week and I'm also available for private lessons. Instruction is available online and in person.


In my free time, my interests include outdoor activities such as hiking and stand-up paddle boarding, watching movies (especially superhero and sci fi), and reading (fitness related, business related, philosophy, and comic books).


I have a fascination with superheroes and you'll find my office and fitness studio decorated with posters and collectibles. You can often find me rocking some superhero inspired clothing while listening to an epic soundtrack. My three favorite superheroes in no particular order of importance are Wolverine, Batman, Daredevil, and Captain America. My passion for superhero culture is what inspired me to start "That Superhero Life".

I hold the following certifications:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1


  • ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

  • Online Trainer Certified (OTC)

  • IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist

  • Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association Full Instructor

  • Progressive Fighting Systems Phase One Instructor

  • EHAMA Eskrima-Kali-Arnis Black Belt Instructor

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Superhero Name: Lone Wolf


Real Name: Michael Sotos

Occupation: Fitness Coach/Martial Arts Instructor

Base: Hersey St. Business Park

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 180

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Special Powers/Abilities: Able to help people get strong, move better, and defend themselves

Known Allies: Knowledgeable Health and Fitness Professionals, and Honorable Martial Arts Instructors

Known Enemies: Bad Exercise Form, Miracle Weight Loss Products, Fad Workouts, Junk Science, and Internet Trolls



I'm a superhero fan(atic) and that compelled me to start That Superhero Life LLC! I'm not a DC or Marvel person, I like them all, and I could never choose just one. I appreciate good storytelling, especially the ones involving superheroes. There's a reason that the story of the hero's journey has been around for centuries. I think we as humans never grow tired of stories that involve adventure, transformation, overcoming adversity, and vanquishing evil.

The complicated heroes are the ones that interest me the most. The heroes that have insecurities, inner conflicts, and character flaws are the most relatable to me. I am far from perfect, and seeing someone deal with those same things, and yet they are still able to help others is inspiring. Maybe the reason why I like superheroes so much is that they remind me to be brave and have courage.

I see superheroes as a beacon of hope in uncertain times, a reminder to be brave, and to help others. We all have our own special powers and abilities to contribute to society. I say, "Let's not wait around for superheroes to save us, let's become our own superheroes and save the world ourselves."

This is a place for everything "Superhero." From my favorite movies and epic soundtracks, to my favorite comics and cosplay/superhero fashion. I also want to share with you the physical, mental, and combative training to become your own superhero.  I hope you'll find something that interests you!



The year was 1989, Tim Burton's Batman hit the big screen and sparked my interest in superhero culture. The next evolutionary jump in my appreciation for superhero films happened in 2000, when I saw the X-Men film.  It brought to life one of my favorite characters, the Wolverine. Then in 2005, Batman Begins introduced a very realistic and gritty Batman, and I became a Superhero Fan(atic). I was a little late in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what an amazing thrill ride of movies they provided over 10 year period, and they were able to end it with a satisfying and epic conclusion. Here are a few of my favorite movies: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers, and Logan.


Nothing inspires me quite like a superhero instrumental theme song. Some of my favorite composers include Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Henry Jackman, and Danny Elfman. I also really enjoy some of the works by soundtrack musicians such as Audiomachine, Really Slow Motion, and Mark Petrie. Some people like to blast the hard rock or pump up the hip hop, but I like the epic music soundtrack to help me have a legendary workout. Here are a few of my favorite songs at the moment from movies and trailers: Portals from Avengers Endgame, Captain America from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Like a Dog Chasing Cars from The Dark Knight Soundtrack.

Superhero Style/Cosplay

I wear a lot of superhero inspired clothing. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it's a little more discreet. I wear superhero clothing everyday, and it's my chosen uniform for work. I'm just getting into cosplay and I love seeing how creative people can be with their costumes. I'm planning on doing more cosplay in the future and hopefully tapping into my own creativity in the process. Here are a few of my favorite places to buy superhero gear: Hero Within, Merchoid, Drunk Munk, and Hot Topic.

Comic Books

I was into superhero movies long before I started reading the comic books that inspired them. I was surprised to find that many of the comic books provide intricate story lines paired with incredible artwork. Here are some of my favorite comic books: The Long Halloween, Wolverine by Claremont & Miller, The Man Without Fear.

Superhero Movies
Superhero Style/Cosplay

Sometimes even when

you get knocked down,

you can still win.


Murdock Motto

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Ashland, Oregon



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“The key isn't winning -- or losing, it's making the attempt. I may never be what I ought to be, want to be -- but how will I know unless I try?

Sure, it's scary, but what's the alternative? Stagnation - A safer, more terrible form of death. Not of the body, but of the spirit.

An animal knows what it is, and accepts it. A man may know what he is -- but he questions. He dreams. He strives. Changes. Grows.” -Wolverine