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Superheroes generally have a purpose, or if I am speaking in superhero terms, a mission. My mission is to help my clients reach their superhero potential through strengthening their mind, body, and spirit. Our life's mission often becomes clear through our past experiences, from our origin story. It's probably going to take some introspection.

Growing up, I was very interested in sports and physical activity. As I got older, my passion grew for exercise, movement, and health.

When I was fresh out of college, I was punching the clock at a counseling agency, working in both billing and payroll. I came to the realization that something was missing from my life. Something inside me was telling me to change careers. I wanted to do something related to fitness and health. Why did I ultimately want to change careers? I wanted to help people!

Do you know your purpose, your mission, your why? Here is something that may help. I came across this in the Precision Nutrition Certification. It's an exercise called the 5 Whys.

If there is something you are thinking of pursuing, run the idea through the 5 whys. You'll get down to your true motivation and either realize that this is part of your life's mission, or it's not the right path for you. The trick is to be honest with yourself.

Here's an example. 1) Why do I want to provide an online superhero training program? I want to create a comprehensive health and fitness plan that helps people reach their full potential and "unleash their Inner Superhero.". 2) Why? I feel like I have more to offer people than just another general weight training program like the other 99% who present the same thing. 3) Why? We need to look at all aspects of fitness. Movement, strength, endurance, and martial arts. We also need strategies to sharpen the mind, deal with stress, and be efficient with our time, so we can spend more time on the things we love. 4) Why? I'm a big fan of superheroes, both movies and comics. They are great examples of reaching our superhuman potential, learning to harness our special abilities and gifts, and helping make the world both a better and safer place. 5) Why? I want to help people!

Let me help you get "super" fit and healthy so you can successfully carry out your life's mission. Apply now and join the league of fitness superheroes!

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