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Special Powers and Abilities

Let's face it, if we're going to be superheros, we need to have some special powers and abilities. And no, this doesn't require us to be from a different planet or a victim of a radioactive accident. Special powers and abilities come in many different forms.

Some superheroes are born with special abilities, but often they are unaware of their potential as a child, or may not acquire them until later in life. Our goal should be to identify our own unique abilities, learn to use them, and enhance them.

Superpowers aren't just physical, but they can be mental too. So it's important that we train both the mind and the body.

A few strategies for mental training include meditation, reading, journal writing, drawing, painting, and playing a musical instrument. Brain games are also useful, which include crossword puzzles, chess, and Sudoku. Examples of mental superpowers include having keen intellect and problem solving, the faculty to deal with stress, the power to communicate well and connect with others, the capacity to express ourselves through art forms, and the ability to use humor to diffuse even the most intense situations.

Physical training includes strength training, cardio conditioning, agility, natural movement, and martial arts. Maybe you are gifted with speed, super strength, or animal like agility. Others of us may have to work at it more, but no matter who you are, it's good to make these a part of your training program. So run, crawl, lift, throw, climb, jump, swim, carry, balance, and have fun.

Martial arts training is unique because it has both a physical and mental component. Rhythmic movements requiring hand/eye coordination and crossing the center line of the body have been shown to require high levels of brain activity. This means it's really good for your brain. Besides that, every superhero should have basic knowledge of self defense to protect themselves, the ones they love, and anyone else who needs help.

My online superhero training application has two questions pertaining to special powers and abilities. What powers do you have currently, and which ones would you like to have? Have you ever pondered those questions? The answers provide me with great insight into an applicant's personality and the things they hold important. Which special powers and abilities do you have? Which would you like to have?

We all have our own unique gifts to offer the world. It's up to us to do the hard work to cultivate them and be brave enough to share them with the planet.

We may not be able to fly or have indestructible bodies, but it doesn't mean we don't have special powers and abilities. I've worked with fitness superheroes who have powers such as open minds and hearts, and an indomitable spirit. They have goals to obtain limitless energy and the ability to turn back the clock, and to a certain extent, those are all things we can achieve.

A heroic act doesn't have to be something of epic proportions. It could be the mere act of lending a helping hand or showing someone compassion. While they may seem small in scale, they can mean the world to the person who receives them.

Join the league of fitness superheroes and let's start developing those abilities today. There is no time to wait. The world needs more positive, strong, healthy, and brave people now!

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