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Make the Time

A Superhero must be resolute with their time. To reach your full potential and unleash your inner superhero, you should be too.

Superheroes must organize their time and their lives, to be able to pursue the things that they are passionate about and that are important to them. Being organized can help save time and reduce stress. Here are a few ways you can get organized and stay that way.

  • Eliminate Procrastination. Deal with everything sooner than later. This refers to projects, emails, phone messages, and mail. You will probably find that you can deal with a majority of things quickly, thus taking them off the table, and saving time for the big things. If something is more time consuming or complicated, put it aside to be dealt with later. Create deadlines and organize the longer term projects by order of importance.

  • Utilize Calendars. They can be useful to keep track of appointments and deadlines for projects. Calendars can also be used to keep us on track with healthy habits. Schedule time for workouts, rest/relaxation, reading, meditation, and personal development. There is a better chance that you will follow through on those activities if they are scheduled. You can also take it a step further and write out your ideal schedule. The kind of schedule you look at and it makes you smile. If you see it written out, then you can figure out how you can make that schedule a reality.

  • Wield the Superhero Success Journal (SSJ). Section 2 of the SSJ is dedicated to planning the three things you will achieve the following day. This is a useful tool for taking larger projects and breaking them down into small, manageable tasks. You can request the template for the SSJ here.

  • Put things in their place. Everything you own should have a place in your home. If you don't have room for something, either sell it or donate it. Only acquire the things you really need or really want, not just because they were a bargain.

  • Annihilate Clutter. I go through all of my things once in the Spring and again in the Fall. If I have an item that I never use or an article of clothing I never wear, I either sell it or donate it. Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon are some good options for selling items. Goodwill and homeless shelters will take donations, and some recycle centers will also take clothing donations. It can feel good to let go of some of your possessions and be free of additional attachments. We probably already have everything we need. Unless it's superhero collectibles, we could always use more of those. I'm joking, maybe.

  • Delegate Tasks. I'll admit it, I have a hard time doing this. I feel the responsibility to take on all tasks and projects by myself. It's good to have help and sometimes it even makes financial sense. Outsource small tasks and work on the things that bring you the most value for your time.

I personally need to work more on all of these time saving strategies. When I employ them, I always see the benefit. Your time is important, use it wisely. If you'd like to have guidance in your superhero journey, fill out my application and let's work together. The world could always use more superheroes!

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