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Everyone can be a Superhero

Everyone has the potential to be a superhero, but superhero training is not for everyone.

Superhero training is about improving every facet of our life. It doesn't matter where we are starting from.

Everyone of us can build a powerful mind, a strong body, have more endurance, and learn to defend ourselves.

When tough situations present themselves, are we going to need to be rescued, or are we going to be the rescuer?

I believe it's hard for many people to picture themselves as a superhero, but before we can achieve something, we must believe it. It's a mental thing.

Maybe people think it's immature and foolish to even want to be a Superhero, but using our imagination can help keep us young at heart as we age. I also look at the training as striving for an ideal, and the Superhero theme keeps things fun and lighthearted.

Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. Let go of the limiting beliefs. I'm too old. I'm too out of shape. I'm too.........Those kind of thoughts hold us back. All we really need to do is get started training.

It doesn't matter if we're disabled or a world class athlete, we have our own unique special abilities to offer the world and can benefit from superhero training.

Look at the world of comic book superheroes. There is a huge, diverse range of characters. From Professor X of the X-Men who is in a wheelchair and uses his mind as a weapon, to the Hulk who is all physical rage and strength. There is the Black Panther who is intelligent, quick and supremely agile, and Wonder Woman who is a blend of strength, wisdom, and durability. They are all different and yet all powerful. We can be too!

Are you ready to begin the journey? I'm not saying it will be easy, but I do ask that you believe in yourself. It will also require effort on your part, from filming movement assessment videos to performing a cardio test during the initial setup of the program. I will also ask you to complete mental exercises and follow a custom superhero workout plan, but it will be nothing I don't demand of myself.

I am currently offering a 20% discount on all online superhero training packages while the program is still in the experimental stages (I promise it has nothing to do with the Weapon X program 😉). This is the best opportunity to give Superhero training a try. Train for a month and if it isn't for you, cancel your membership.

If you'd like to join the League of Uncanny Fitness Superheroes, apply now!

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