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The Uncanny Fist

Uncanny Online Superhero Training is a multi-layered training program.

When I decided to enter the realm of online fitness training, I could have just stuck to Strength and Conditioning, but I wanted to give people something more. I could have used buzzwords like toned and long, lean muscles, but I wanted to be more than just buzz.

I wanted to be different then the 99% of online trainers out there, I wanted to give you useful strategies to live the best life possible, and utilize those techniques for myself along the way. It is about trying to achieve the superhero ideal, and we all know the world could use a few more superheroes right about now.

That's how Uncanny Strength and Conditioning was born.

A friend from Martial Arts class who also happened to be a gifted artist, worked with me to help create the Uncanny logo. We worked on creating a powerful symbol that would be recognized on it's own and eventually adorn the front of my very own Superhero avatar and costume. The Uncanny Fist was created and represents just what online superhero training is all about.

The 6 elements of the Uncanny Fist

  1. Training the Mind

  2. Building Good Nutrition Habits

  3. Agility Drills and Natural Movement

  4. Strength & Conditioning

  5. Martial Arts Practice

  6. Your Mission (Goals)

All these elements come together to form something quite powerful The training is layered over the foundation of your fist, which is always your mission (goals).

The goals will guide your training and the way in which each area of practice will be structured. Always remember, your training should be consistent with your goals.

If you're ready to start the Uncanny Fist Training Program today, Apply Now!

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