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A Helping Hand

Uncanny Online Superhero Training was built on a notion of helping people, and helping others is a key component to the Superhero life.

There are some great health advantages to donating our time to help others. Studies have shown that the benefits are both physical and mental. A survey by UnitedHealth Group provided us with many insights into the power of volunteering.

According to the survey, taking the time to volunteer can provide some of the following health rewards:

  • Improved mood and self esteem.

  • Lowered stress levels and reduced incidence of depression.

  • Generated a greater sense of purpose, life satisfaction, and a feeling of being connected to others.

  • Helped people manage their own health problems by taking their mind off them.

  • Created a feeling of better control over their own health, and a notion of better health in general.

Researchers from Exeter Medical School in England found a 20% lower risk of death for those who volunteered in comparison to those who didn't, after analyzing data from 40 published studies.

A study in Psychology and Aging seemed to show that volunteers were less likely to develop high blood pressure. However, it's highly possible that the lower blood pressure numbers could be due to a better diet and more physical activity typically exhibited by people who volunteer. They appear to have better health awareness.

Listen up, here is the key, the benefits only seem attainable if we are volunteering to help other people, not solely for our own benefit. This is according to a 2012 study in the Journal of Health Psychology.

So we should find something that we are truly passionate about and volunteer.

A quick Google search will reveal many local organizations that could use our help. Examples include homeless shelters, food banks, nature conservation organizations, the forest service, and the Red Cross. There are endless opportunities to help. What's important to you?

Even if you're strapped for time, maybe you can at least donate some money to organizations like the Red Cross for disaster relief, or you can even donate blood.

The ultimate goal of Superhero training is to make us capable enough to help others. Take care of yourself so you can better help those in need.

If you're ready for a comprehensive training plan with Uncanny Online Superhero Training, apply now and join the League of Online Fitness Superheroes!

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