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Superhero Agility

Agility may be one of the most important physical training aspects of the Uncanny Online Superhero Training Program. If you're going to be a Superhero, you have to be agile. Even more importantly, if you want to age gracefully, avoid falls, improve cognitive performance, and move well throughout your life, you should train it even more.

I believe it's so important that literally everyone I coach in the gym these days has some form of agility training as part of their program.

Agility can be defined as the ability to move in multiple directions, accelerate, decelerate, change directions, react, balance, and utilize different footwork patterns.

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), agility training can provide the following benefits; improved coordination, body awareness, increased rate of muscle contraction, better dynamic balance, and enhanced natural reflexes.[1]

The benefits of agility training are not just limited to the physical. A study out of the Air Force Research Laboratory showed significant improvements in memory and mental acuity.

The most popular equipment for agility training includes cones, agility ladders, and reaction balls.

However, equipment is not necessary. Natural Movement training is one of the best ways to train agility. The training consists of balancing, carrying, catching, climbing, crawling, jumping, lifting, running, swimming, throwing, and combatives. I will cover this topic further in my next blog post.

In most client programs, I include agility work at the beginning of a training session, just after the dynamic warm-up. I like to have clients perform agility drills before fatigue sets in. This way their movement and footwork stays sharp and I believe they grasp more of the benefits.

The training is best done outside where you have a lot of space to move but it can be done indoors, and in small spaces with modifications. Most times I have clients perform agility ladder footwork drills and movement drills with cones. The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to the variety of drills to choose from.

One last thing, agility drills can also be used for a finisher at the end of a workout or as a stand-alone conditioning session. The emphasis should be on keeping the heart rate elevated with less focus on perfect technique. Agility drills can also be inserted in the heart of a workout when you are training supersets or circuits. Remember, workouts have many potential combinations and you should be creative. Always keep things interesting and you’ll look forward to your workout.

Maybe we'll never be as graceful as the Black Panther, Spiderman, or Captain America, but each one of us can make improvements in the way we move. If you're ready to step up your agility training and become the Superhero you were always destined to be, apply now for the Uncanny Online Superhero Training Program.

[1] McCall, Pete. (2014, September 22) Benefits of Agility Training for Non-Athletes.

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