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Combination Training

To maximize our potential as a real life superhero, it requires a lot of training. Enhancing strength, endurance, agility, combatives, and mental training can seem like a long and intimidating list of objectives. Some of you may be wondering, how do I incorporate all these things into my daily schedule?

I'll tell you the secret, combination training! One workout can accomplish several goals at once!

A strength training session can wrap up with a cardio finisher to build our conditioning. A cardio workout could take the form of an agility drill. Martial arts can be agility, cardio, and brain training all rolled into one. It doesn't have to take a huge chunk of our precious time to accomplish these goals.

Here are a few examples:

1) Add a Finisher to your strength training workout. The following circuit can be done at the end of your strength training session to elevate your heart rate and improve your conditioning.

3 Rounds of:

Rowing x 1 minute

Treadmill (run or walk at incline) x 1 minute

Battle Rope x 30 seconds

Alternating Step-Ups (Low to Mid Level Box) x 1 minute

Heavy Bag Combos or Shadowboxing x 1 minute

Rest 30 to 60 seconds between rounds

2) Do agility drills for your cardio workout. The agility ladder and cone drills can help improve both agility and conditioning. There are many options in the way you approach this workout. The drills could be done with lower intensity and less rest between sets to be more of an aerobic or threshold workout. We also have the option of doing high intensity intervals with a longer rest time between reps.

Agility Ladder (5 to 10 minutes):

2 to 4 reps of each of the following footwork patterns

2 in each forward

2 in each lateral

Icky shuffle

2 in, 2 out (forward)

Crossover step (in front)

Crossover step (behind)

2 in, 2 out lateral

Cone Drills (5 to 10 minutes):

2 to 4 reps of each of the following drills

4 Cone Square Drill (5 yards x 5 yards):

Forward run, side shuffle, backpedal, side shuffle

Forward crawl, carioca, backward run, carioca

5 Cone Diamond Drill (5 Yards apart with 4 cones in a Diamond and one in the center)

Side Shuffle Around the Outside, Forward run to center and backpedal back, until you are back where you started

Run around the outside, side shuffle to center and back, until you are back where you started

3) Martial Arts Training can improve many aspects of health and fitness. Agility, Cardio, and brain training can all be accomplished in one training session. For those who don't currently train with an instructor in a specific martial art, boxing workouts can be the easiest for beginners to incorporate this into their workout program. Choose from the following:


5 x 30 seconds of boxing/90 seconds of rest between rounds

Use your imagination and move around with an imaginary opponent. Throw combo punches, duck, shuffle, bob and weave. Try to flow and it can help to have some energetic music to move to.

Heavy Bag or Focus Mitt Combos

5 x 30 seconds of boxing/90 seconds of rest between rounds






If you have access to a heavy bag or a partner to hold focus mitts, throw your combos on an actual target. Start easy because it takes some time to condition your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders if you've never boxed before. Move around and be lively.

*As you become more experienced, you can increase the time spent boxing each round and/or reduce the rest time.

All of a sudden, real life superhero training goals seem attainable and accessible to us busy humans. We can still have the time to pursue our career, go on adventures, and create cherished moments with loved ones.

Living the Uncanny Superhero lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. It's about being efficient with your time to get the most from your training. Apply now for the Uncanny Online Superhero Training.

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